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Compression Devices

   Bio Compression Systems Inc.

Great Lakes supplies BioCompression external compression systems throughout Michigan. The Sequential Circulator SC-4008-DL has cutting edge technology with a digital touch screen. The user can program the pressure in any, or all, of the 8 chambers – always maintaining higher pressure distally to prevent backflow. Featuring a pause button that allows you to take a break and come back to where you left off; focus therapy for patients with a special area that needs attention; and pre therapy based on the principles of manual lymph drainage which helps empty the proximal lymphatics prior to treatment.

The ultimate gradient pneumatic compression device for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and various other circulatory disorders.

The BioCompression BioComfort arm appliance is specially designed with a shoulder piece that inflates to help move fluid into the body.


The BioComfort leg appliance utilizes staps for easy donning. This system is designed for safe and easy home use as prescribed by a physician. BioCompression pneumatic compression devices are supported by published long-term clinical research studies.

   Sequential Circulator


BioCompression also makes the Sequential Circulator in a digital calibrated, nongradient pressure version available with either four or eight chambers. These sequential pneumatic compression systems are specially designed for optimal reduction and management of peripheral edema, mild lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency by utilizing fast distal to proximal flow and comfortable compression.


   Trunk/Chest Appliances


The Bio Vest and Jacket allow for effective treatment of the shoulder, upper back, arm and chest area. Bio Pants are customer-designed to treat the abdomen, trunk, scrotal area and legs for each patient based on their individual measurements. These pants can be used on patients who have swelling in one or both lower extremities.

Contraindications are deep vein thrombosis, acute infection of the affected limb
and decompensated cardiac failure.


Many therapists, clinics and teaching hospitals use BioCompression pumps in conjunction with other treatments such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Some BioCompression pumps incorporate the ability to start with a unique pre-treatment cycle based on the principles of manual lymph drainage which helps empty the proximal lymphatics prior to treatment; then to calibrated gradient compression, a highly effective treatment for maximum results and comfort; and finishes with pre-treatment. These models are compatible with all BioCompression garments.


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